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Hi. Im Shilpa Gupta…. And I love my laugh lines…

Interior designer, bitten by wanderlust and self proclaimed foodie.


Over 2 decades and about 50 countries later, I can safely say that if there is anything other than my family that gives me a ‘happiness quotient 10/10’; its travel and food. Well, the food part is practically an ‘obsession’. Both the eating as well as the cooking…Especially after turning vegetarian by choice, searching out new cuisines and the best of what I could eat in a new place; has turned into a quest.

With Laugh Lines, I share the best of what I ve seen and experienced. The journeys that have given me – my ‘laugh lines’. Its straight from the heart, no filters and no sugar coating (with just a dash of seeing the world through my rose tinted glasses) I hope this site makes you happily dream and want to explore – places unseen and new foods to eat.