Under The Tuscan Sun

What started as a one week ‘anniversary getaway’ plan, not too far from home (translation- the Far East / a 4 or 5 hour flight); eventually turned into a ‘love affair with Tuscany’ over 8 days and 3 cities / towns.


Browsing through -‘best places to visit in February’; Florence popped up on most lists and looked just waaayyyyyy tooooo enticing to ignore.

And the ‘icing on the cake’, double icing actually. The food in Tuscany and the Venice Carnival (counted amongst the world s top ten), would be on during our dates in Italy. Am I geographically challenged? No, no….Florence and Venice are just 2 hrs apart, by train.


I could ’nt believe my ears when M agreed! (He d just recently used his ‘hubby’ status to extract a promise of “no mention of Europe for at least 2 years” since all recent holidays had revolved around it) Like I said, Tuscany looked just way toooo gorgeous, romantic and inviting.

Florence makes the perfect start to the ‘Tuscan Tour’. Its medieval, yet very lively. Ancient and yet in some chic way – ‘urbane’. If I was to describe this holiday as – a flight of steps down into a fairy tale world. Then Florence is the perfect ‘Step One’ – to acclimatize and slowly savour this medieval era.


Please please please don’t let anyone convince you in to only doing day trips to Siena, Lucca or the other neighboring small towns. In fact I d go so far as to say that would be a crime! Nothing comes close to how magical the evenings are. And both Siena and Lucca need to be savored. ‘Strolled’ around. Definitely not according to the timetable of the ‘coach tour’ or your chauffeur. Short of time? Trust me Italy deserves, one region at a time.





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