I Love Italy

Why do I love Italy so much?

How can I go back to the same place again every year?

Chatting with very dear friends yesterday, this was thrown at me… Well simply stating the obvious..what s not to love?..And then it got me talking more..


It was love at first glance 22 years ago; and the Duomo in Milan, shrouded by moonlight gives me goosebumps even today. Venice swept me off my feet back then; and it still does, on each of my 6 visits.

Rome will be home someday, I hope.

And then all the new regions we’ve discovered, 1 more on every trip. Amalfi, Sicily, Tuscany, Liguria, Lombardy….The landscape, the architecture and the views keep changing, almost as if we’ ve entered into a new country..yet the positives are all constant.


Something historic to gape at, every single corner you turn. Arts and architecture, that have since inspired other empires.

The bluest of blue Mediterranean waters,encasing more than 3/4ths of the country’ s borders.


A bounty of nature that can’t be described by words or pictures.

How their celebration of festivals, is something worth planning a trip around.

Quite a superb infrastructure for travel. Its also fabulous value for money. As in, not that its inexpensive (no, not by any stretch of imagination), but atleast in whatever you spend, you get your money’s worth.. And to top it all, these days Italy has a fairly international flair.

And above all, the 2 aspects that are truly a ‘balm for the soul’. The food and Italy’ s people.

Memorable meals – too many to count. Fresh. Varied. And as a vegetarian, I can’ t tell you how important this has been.

Even more importantly, people who shower you with love; and above all- respect.

As a tourist, a foreigner..this is THE biggest factor for a fabulous vacation.

For me, most of all..Italy isnt ‘boring’. Its scenic, yet not staid. Brimming with culture, yet entertaining.

An old, ancient body….yet with a heart that’s pulsing with celebration and a zest for life.

Do I ‘sugarcoat’ it too much? Maybe. After all it is’nt Utopia. Italy has its ‘gritty’ side, and its nefarious characters, sure. So I’ve learnt to keep my wits about; and my safety check-list stamped on me (as I do wherever I travel to, for that matter).

And so, when I’m making a wish-list for my next holiday; and I have something new – yet left to explore- combined with all of this 👆; why would’nt I go back to Italy….

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