An Evening in Trastevere (Rome)…..

One of my favourite neighbourhoods, for an evening in Rome – ‘Trastevere’. Literally meaning – ‘across the Tiber’.


Funky and bohemian. Yet traditional. Still clinging to its working-class roots.


Its a little out of the way to base yourself in…..but just perfect for that 1 memorable – truly ‘Romanesque’ evening.


Get there before sunset. Its straight out of a movie set. A maze of small streets, ochre coloured buildings, old doorways and flower filled balconies.


And to complete the ‘movie set’ , 2 beautiful churches. The beautifully gilded – Basilica di Santa Maria and the baroque style Church of Saint Cecilia.

Piazza di Santa Maria is the ‘buzzing spot’ to be at later in the evening. In the shadow of the basilica, its a goorrggeeeous setting. The stuff that paintings are based on….


There s a slew of bars..The authentic, ‘local hang-outs’ ones. And its not just wines. Craft beers are the new buzz word in this locale. There s no shortage of bars in fact. Coz Trastevere is also where the locals spend their weekend nights.


This is the ppppperrrrfect place actually for a ‘food tour’.

Walk your way around Trastevere sampling antipasti at various bars, a pizza at Dar Poeta ; and then finally dinner at Da Corrado …


Tiny stalls selling handcrafted jewelly, buskers and caricature artists..yet this pocket does’nt feel ‘touristy’ at all.

Oh if you happen to be there on a Sunday, definitely head for the flea market (bear in mind though that Sunday evenings are ‘dead’ in Rome).

The best way to get to Trastevere – if you have the time (and energy 🙂 ); and rrrealllly want to soak in ‘Rome’…walk across the bridge. Else take the tram or a taxi to Viale Trastevere…


Do try to do at least part of the walk on the way back, – STUNNNIIING doesn’t even begin to describe it..especially seeing the riverside all lit up.


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