1 Day in Nairobi

If you’re planning that ‘African Safari’ holiday to Kenya with the kids…definitely plan for a full free day in Nairobi.


No matter what age the kids are..they ll love these 2 experiences…


Going to The Sheldrick Elephant and Rhino Orphanage is really really cute and heart-touching.


Founded over 40 years ago, its the world’s first organisation to successfully raise milk-dependent orphaned or injured elephants by hand; and reintegrate them back into the wild.

They’ve raised 244 elephants so far. The trust has also raised 17 rhinos.


For an hour every day (11-12am), you are allowed to see the animals and interact to some extent. That one hour gets really crowded, so find a spot for the kids closer to the ring, before they bring the baby tuskers out.

For 💲50, you can adopt an elephant for a year..

With this we got the opportunity to do a 2nd visit in the evening, to go back and see Ethampu (our elephant baby) and see his dinner and bed-time ritual (I can’t t tell you how addoorrrable that was 😍 ).


20 minutes away from the Elephant Orphanage, the AFEW Giraffe Centre is the 2nd must-do.


Primarily established for the conservation of the Rothschild Giraffe.


You get to not only meet the giraffes, but also feed them – literally face to face..


Between us and the Giraffes, I’d say the latter were definitely the friendlier and more curious ones 😄 .

M got his entire face licked by one 😂 ….


Both conservation centres are’nt far from each other, so we were done in time for a late lunch.

Please do not go to the widely suggested Carnivore Restaurant (no matter how much of a meat-lover you are)…Its a complete tourist trap – we did’nt go…I say this from speaking to friends whose opinion i trust and quite a few locals that we spoke to.

Where we did go, at our tour operator’s suggestion, was the gorgeous Hemingway hotel..This is what life in an up-scale plantation must have felt like 😍 .

For dinner we went with our hotel’s suggestion; and it turned out to be something I d totally recommend…Habesha (Ethiopian)…Really worth the half hour drive. Not so high on ambience – but great food.


We stayed at the Hotel Intercontinental and I’d happily stay there again, were I to go back (super Indian food in case that’s something you look out for 😉 ).

I’d suggest doing things through a tour operator. Between the tight security check points and crime rates in the city….you just feel safer and stress-free being with someone who knows they way around. We went with Mara Gate Safaris and in all honesty it was one of the best organised and personalised experiences of all my travels (big hug to Agnes)…


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