Vertically challenged Positano!

Well the entire town s built into the side of the cliff, with the pebbly beach practically at a right angle below it..and its picture post card perfect!!.


Fashionable or not, water shoes are a must-buy…

There s no sand-literally. Its only pebbles..the ones at Positano quite sharp and practically black (its quite a unique sight if its a first).. The evening at the beach (after 4pm is perfect coz in the summer, the sun s bearable by then). The water is still very cold- but its divine to be in the sea nonetheless (yup- even in june/july the water s 20C…positively ‘shivery’ for us ‘tropical daisies 😉) . Sunset isnt until 930pm, so its perfect actually.


A tiny piazzeta and small market (small – but the luxury goods are still there – I saw a limited edition just launched Prada bag that I hadn’t come across even in London 🙄 ). Think small chic boutiques with curated collections – not the name stores.

Again- yummmmyyy food (I swear even the pizza at a hole in the wall pizzeria right by the beach uses freshly made dough- everything s just so yumm). Chez Black, on the marina, has a solid, fresh menu and really great staff (funny and friendly). TheVeranda of La Cambusa s a great spot for a drink and prime ‘people watching’, especially as in the summer the community always has music concerts or something fun going on at the promenade.


The view we woke up to

The Hotel Savioa turned out to be a great find. Its pretty much the last hotel on the road just before the steps to the beach – so awesome location. Has a convenient paid car park across the road (do inform the hotel ull need it, in advance), a nice hot breakfast and is great value for money in the context of hotel prices in this area in the summer.


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