Feasts & Festivals..Such a fun way to immerse into a place…

M and I discovered a local ‘feast’ purely by chance on one of our Italian holidays.

I think it was serendipity, coz since then we search out feasts and festivals and plan our destinations and holidays around them. The experience was that fabbbulllous 🎉 . The bonhomie, music, food and drinks. The story behind the event and the local customs and traditions.


Most of all the amaaazzing vibe all around.

Right from the small town of Amalfi and its crowd of 20,000 people on feast day, to Pamplona and its 2,50,000 people each day during San Fermin.


I see it every time and yet am constantly amazed by it. There s zero crowd control needed. Literally. Alchohol flowing all around; thousands of tourists mingling with the locals; and yet absolutely no misbehaviour of any kind. No shoving, no jostling.

Only and only celebration and positivity. Year after year.

It hits you once you realise there s barely any police around. You ll spot just 2 policemen in a 2km stretch. Not needed I guess.. Maybe in part it stems from these festivals being religious ‘feasts’; and in essence being a celebration of family and community.

Whatever the reason, that fantastic vibe of only celebration all around; across age groups, across nationalities; is why we enjoy these festivals so much.

San Fermin

Festa di San Joao

Festa di San Andrea

La Tomatina

Santa Cruz De Tenerife – LaCarnaval


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