About Me


Hi. I’m Shilpa. An Interior designer by profession, world traveller by passion…and a foodie to the core.

Ever since I can remember my biggest thrill has come from the anticipation of seeing new places. The exploring and understanding of new cultures fascinated me, even as a child, especially the trying out of new foods. By the time I was in my first job and could afford it; there was no stopping me.

In fact my career in marketing, first with the Taj Group of Hotels and subsequently with Travel Corporation India (TCI); presented me with just the right travel opportunities. And I was able to understand so many different segments of the industry. Today as an Interior Designer with my own firm (Mozaic), my work helps me to even better appreciate the sights I see and the local treasures each place has to offer. The finer things, the details…Fortunately, I now also have the liberty to carve out my own travel time.

30 years and 50 countries later, I can definitely say that nothing thrills me more than travel. Be it a hot air balloon ride for the unparalleled aerial view of a million year old natural formation, experiencing goose bumps at the cornerstone of the world’s 3 largest religions or floating in the Dead Sea. Or for that matter swimming at the point where two oceans merge, trekking up a mountain just to see an active volcano, or even driving across the bridge that connects 2 continents. They’ve all been incredible personal milestones.

I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing most of the world’s largest cities; and also some of the oldest, smallest and prettiest villages that you can imagine. Places that we’ve all heard of and have yearned to see; as well as some that at first, I couldn’t even pronounce the names of. Yet, even today, my heart beats that little bit faster just getting onto a flight en route to someplace new…

My journeys have made me recognise the aspects and style of travel that I personally enjoy; and that work for me…And that is so important…Travel is definitely not a ‘one size fits all’. I like to say that travel is the best way to enrich and enjoy yourself. There’s nothing more romantic for a couple, no better education for the kids; and no better way to bond as a family.

With Laugh Lines I look forward to sharing this with others. I look forward to telling you about all the places that I have so immensely enjoyed, some tips that have helped me put trips together and the friendships I’ve made. And also of course about the challenges that travel occasionally presents.