Stand Tall and Strong New York

My 1st time in New York back in 1999, staring up at the Twin Towers and seeing my reflection in the Building’s Façade – that memory is still so firmly engraved in my mind.

I even clearly remember standing below, sipping my 1st ever Starbucks Chai.

Equally vividly, I recall going back 2 years later on our Honeymoon and M seeing the towers for the 1st time.

And then I remember that night in 2001, coincidentally having CNN on and actually watching the 2nd jet fly into the building. I was pregnant with my older son at the time.

A few years later, on my kids’ 1st visit to New York, I literally did’nt have any words to explain to a 6 Year old, why there was only a symbolic tile, in place of 2 of the world’s most iconic structures.

Today , 18 years later as he is about to embark into adulthood and life in America, I only pray that the horrors that my generation has witnessed over the last two decades…my children only read about as a chapter in modern history textbooks.

Stand tall and strong New York… like you always have


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