I’m Thankful..

I’m Thankful..

I crib, I rant…Sure.

Sometimes things get so messed up, I want to break something😡…Sure.

My kids drive me up the wall…🙈Hell sure. Yet I’m thankful.

My bad hair days outnumber the good ones…And I’m stuck in Mumbai over New Year’s😭…

Aaannnd my Insta s as sluggish as our national GDP… Oh yeah for sure. But I’m thankful.

The economy’s messed up..True. And there’s a circus on in my state that I don’t even need tickets for🤐…

Also, ‘Acche din aa ke gaye shaayad’ & I did’nt even come to know🙄, for sure.

But I’m thankful.

A kilo of onions costs the same as a pizza…Sure.

And the air and the sea are murkier than my dishwater, for sure.

It’s hard to know if the thieves are within my bank or without…Sure.

And still I’m thankful.

I’m really thankful to just be ME. Actually I’m grateful.

At the end of it my laughlines outnumber my frown lines. So things must be good right..

And that for me, is enough to give thanks for🙂.

Happy Thanksgiving


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