Close To My Heart…

When I think back to what s given me soooo many of my ‘laugh lines’; its mostly the flashbacks to some awesome travel experiences I ve been lucky to have; and the immense looking forward to destinations yet to explore.


Starting with childhood memories (anyone remember the Lala Tours school trip days?); going on to my ‘marketing avatar’ days of shoestring per day allowances and barely being left with enough for the last day s pizza. And some not so long ago – wine and cheese days sailing on a private yacht…… right up to my current ‘cant think of anything else’ excitement whenever there is a holiday around the corner 🙂 .

Literally what makes my heart dance? Travelling and the food….and the shopping too- but that s a very very definite third place 😅😉 . And when I think back – its not just the vacations; even travelling for work. Just the experience of a new destination; new cuisines or the re-interpretation of a traditional food; and the exploring of different cultures.

Its the ‘journey’ that s been the most satisfying.

As a ‘converted’ vegetarian (by choice), Ive had conversations with oh so many friends who are concerned about eating out in a new place. But the thing is, with a little homework; and keeping a big open mind, there s not a single trip I ve come back from, feeling ‘good food deprived’ (actually there is just one).

On the contrary, food has been the best part of so many of my journeys.

Fortunately, I learnt something I swear by, pretty early on in my travels. A place needs to be savoured. Felt- on so many levels. I can wax on an on about how walking around is truly the best way to explore a new place. Seeing, stopping and appreciating – a sight that may strike a chord with only ME.


A chance conversation with a native whilst asking for directions can lead to a sweet insight into a foreign culture. Getting momentarily lost in the maze of small streets has led me to oh so many lucky finds that no guide book would cover ( quirky boutiques, adorable cafes and some amazing restaurants and  bars that only the locals frequent).

Hopping on to a sightseeing tour, just to tick things off a ‘check-list’; somehow that s just not me.

I honestly feel that other than travel, there s nothing more romantic (just you and your partner 😍 ), no better education for the kids; and its the most amazing bonding experience as a family (kids, parents and grandparents altogether).

So here goes- some of my favourite experiences (I ve only covered those that have given me a happiness quotient of 10/10 (just a litttllle bit partial to those that give me my ‘Vitamin Sea’); and those that I would happily revisit, in a hearbeat..

I do tend to ‘over plan’, so a few tips, some fun facts and a dose of my weirdly paradoxical personality that swings from extravagant unnecessary spending (according to hubby), to some seriously thrifty frugal, eccentricities.


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